What can I do to reduce plastic pollution?

1. Recycle as much plastic as you can

We need to keep plastic out of the environment and in the economy – just like any other material with value.

Recycling plastics an easy way we can all make a difference. It keeps plastic out of landfill, preserves natural resources, and saves energy. Visit www.recyclenow.com to find out more about what you can recycle, and where.

Recycling plastic tips:

  1. Replace lids and tops – if they stay on the container they will get recycled.
  2. Squash empty bottles to save space.
  3. Empty and rinse bottles (leftover foods or liquids can contaminate other recyclables).
  4. Leave labels on as they’ll be removed in the process (unless the packaging specifically asks you to remove it).
  5. Triggers can be left on recycling cleaning product bottles such as bathroom cleaners (soap bottles pumps need to be removed and put in the rubbish bin).
2. Recycled plastics

Buying something that includes recycled content means it has used less energy and resources in its production – so it has less of a negative environmental impact. It’s also a good indication that the company making the product is committed to a sustainable approach to plastics. At the moment it’s still difficult to make some items from recycled content.


3. Get in the re-usable bag habit

Re-using a shopping bag reduces the amount of plastic you consume, lowering the negative environmental impact of each bag. Fewer bags means fewer carbon emissions. If a plastic carrier bag can no longer be used, it can be recycled at lots of supermarkets – visit www.recyclenow.com for more information. Many supermarkets now offer re-usable bags to help you buy unpacked loose fruit and vegetables.


4. Find alternatives to disposable plastic straws or cutlery where possible.

Disposable plastic straws and cutlery cannot be recycled, as they are too small to go through the recycling process – so stick to reusable versions where possible.


5. Use a refillable drinks bottle and hot drink cup.

Using refillable items like drinks bottles and hot drink cups can reduce the amount of plastic you consume – keep it with you when you’re out and about.


6. Take a packed lunch

Taking a packed lunch can reduce the amount of plastic packaging you consume if you buy packaged food on the go. And eating up leftovers prevents the negative environmental impact of food waste too.

To find out more about what to recycle where you live, visit recyclenow.com